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The Most Powerful Sleep Program Ever Created
Your sleeping problem is affecting your career, social life, & personal relationships. You may have tried treating it with sleeping pills or other sleep aids, only to find your symptoms returning night after night.

Sleep For Life offers you something better - a chance to learn to sleep properly again. Stop walking around like a zombie every day. It's time to lift the veil of fog and start feeling alive. With Sleep for Life, you can awake refreshed and start living life to the fullest. No matter how many things you've tried or how long you've suffered, Sleep For Life can help. GUARANTEED.

BUT HOW DOES IT WORK? This revolutionary 6 lesson audio program doesn’t just treat insomnia - it totally undermines it.
Sleep For Life
speaks to you on a deeper level, changing the way you think & feel about sleep. The result? A transformation that is powerful, life-altering, and lasting.

IT'S EASY! You can listen to Sleep For Life on any device – computer, smartphone or tablet. Just press "Play" and Sasha’s soothing voice will gently guide you through to insomnia recovery. It’s that easy!

An Entirely Different Way Of Looking
At Insomnia

We are all born with the ability to sleep, without thinking or wondering or stressing. Where does that ability go? Did we lose it or outgrow it? Did something destroy it? The truth is, our ability to sleep never leaves us. But pressures of modern life are such that we just stop using it properly.

On this 6 lesson audio program we’re going to take you back to the child inside you that sleeps perfectly, without thinking, without stressing or wondering. You’ll discover your own inborn ability to sleep, normally and naturally. You'll get the sleep you deserve and start to enjoy life again

Let’s trigger that falling asleep instinct so that it works perfectly every night.
A Good Night's Sleep Can Change Your Life
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Take Back Your Power Over Sleep Tonight!
Completely obliterate negative thoughts, fears, & stresses that keep you from falling asleep.
Fall asleep in minutes, overcome early rising, & sleep through the night - wake up rejuvenated
& in control!

Rediscover your ability to enjoy deep, restful sleep without pills, potions, or external sleep aids.

Created By One
Of Us
Introducing Sasha Stephens, Creator Of Sleep For Life. Sasha is an internationally renowned sleep expert, consultant & author with over 100,000 books sold worldwide.

Her own experience suffering with chronic insomnia for 15 years, combined with extensive training & practice as a sleep therapist, have given her an unparalleled understanding of the psychology of insomnia. Now she presents her most advanced insomnia-beating material to date.

Sleep For Life – The most powerful sleep transformation program ever created, will use her powerful insights and breakthrough methods, to help you conquer your sleep problems forever!

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"I showed my doctor your program and he’s now giving it to all his sleep patients!"
- A.J Smith, Boston MA
"I finally plucked up the courage to start a family. I couldn’t have done that without you."
- Maria Mason, Denver CO
"Thank you, Sasha, for all you have done for my sleep and my family."
- Carrie Stokes, Liverpool, UK

Purchase The Program Today And You Will Receive...
1. The 6 Lesson Sleep For Life Sleep Transformation Course.
You can stream the lessons right there and then on your phone, iPad or computer. Or you can download them as MP3s to any device for listening at your leisure. The choice is yours.

2. The Amazing ‘Safety Blanket’ Recordings.
We know what it’s like to wake up in the night panicking. We know what it’s like to feel hopeless. Now, all that’s in the past. Sasha created the Safety Blankets especially for those bad times, when you might be panicking or just feeling low. Just turn on the recording and Sasha will comfort you with just the right words and advice when you need it the most.
3. A Full Set Of Brain
Entrainment Sleep Tools.
Designed to guide your brain into the right state for great sleep. This includes the Sleep For Life Sleep Booster Tool, which has the incredible effect of making it easier to sleep in the future. All have been created especially for the Sleep For Life program using the latest high-end audio-technology.
(Total value of over $150).

But There's More!
You Get All These Valuable Extras
4. Six Cutting-Edge
Relaxation Techniques.

Recorded in Sasha’s own voice, you’ll find these techniques quite unlike anything you have heard before and go way beyond the usual everyday breathing or visualization methods.
5. Three Full-Length
Peaceful Meditation Tracks.

Take a break from the outside world. Just put on your headphones, sit back and let the sounds work their magic.
6. Two Months Of Regular Motivational Emails From Sasha.
We know how lonely insomnia can be. Well, you don’t have to go through this alone. Sasha will contact you regularly with sleep tips and motivational advice direct to your inbox.

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So you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to like Sleep For Life, or wonder whether it’s going to work for you.

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The Secret Doctors Won’t Tell You: Sleeping Pills Make Insomnia Worse
Fed up with sleeping pills that leave you groggy and miserable?

Worried your medication isn’t working anymore?

Scared you might be addicted?

Did you know that most research shows that medication is completely ineffective for overcoming insomnia? In fact, did you know that in most cases, sleeping pills make insomnia worse?

At Sleep For Life, we are totally opposed to the prescribing of sleeping pills for insomnia. And by the end of the Sleep For Life program, you will be too! We will show you how to kick the pills so that you never have to rely on these horrible drugs again.
On This Program, You
Will Discover...
  • How you got insomnia in the first place
  • What to do about obsessive thoughts
  • What to do when fear of not sleeping keeps you awake
  • How to overcome early waking
  • How to deepen the quality of your sleep
  • How to become really great sleeper
And You Will Be Able To:
  • Kick the sleeping pills, permanently.
  • Completely obliterate your insomnia
  • Sleep through the night, perhaps for the first time in years
  • Fall asleep within seconds or minutes
  • You may end up sleeping better that you have ever done
  • You will feel empowered, optimistic, and more in control of your soon-to-be wonderful life!
Have you noticed that nothing ever works for long?

Insomnia always comes back.
Sleeping pills always stop working.
Relapses always happen.

We aren’t here to offer a short-term fix that stops working after a few days. This program was created specifically to give PERMANENT relief from insomnia – natural sleep, night after night.

It's time to free yourself from the burden of insomnia. On the Sleep For Life program, we will show you how to destroy insomnia at its foundations, so that it falls away naturally and disappears completely.

So you really will discover a truly permanent solution to chronic insomnia, and get the sleep you deserve,

Been There? Done That?
Tried Everything? At Last,
A Truly Permanent Solution
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