Recover From Your Insomnia FAST!
✔  Learn to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling great, naturally.

This is a step-by-step insomnia recovery program, audio course, plus relaxation tools.

I’ve been there. I barely slept for 15 years, and it was hell--but it drove me to find the solution to now I can share it with you!

I was fed up of spending every day of my life tired and miserable and wanted to find a way to get over my insomnia so badly…I felt so alone, like no one else understood how much of a struggle my daily life had become and I didn’t know where to turn…

My doctor had nothing to offer me but sleeping pills, and I’d had enough of medication that just made me feel groggy and miserable.  I was so tired, so stuck, and so ready to start living my life the way I knew, deep down, I was supposed to live it, VIBRANTLY ALIVE! And you know what? I discovered how beat it. No more insomnia. And it feels soooo good! 
Now… It’s Your Turn to Finally Get a Good Night’s Sleep!
My recovery from insomnia was life changing. From that moment I made it my mission to share the process I had learned with as many people as possible.  

I want to help you...

Stop treating insomnia like a disease with dangerous and highly addictive medications that simply don't work. 

Stop wasting hundreds of dollars on useless insomnia cures. 

Stop guessing at the problem and hoping it will get better. 

It’s time to UNDERSTAND your sleep problem and cure it, which you can.

I’m going to teach you what I learned about our sleep process that had me sleeping like a newborn baby for the first time in years! My name is Sasha Stephens, and I'm a world-renowned sleep therapist and best-selling author of The Effortless Sleep Method, now available in many languages. 

Overcoming insomnia has allowed me to pursue a PhD, publish several books and help hundreds of my clients and readers to make their insomnia a thing of the past, so they can start living their lives with more energy and excitement!  

But it was a long and weary road that got me here! 

For 15 years I suffered with crippling, incessant insomnia. Until I uncovered a new approach which caused all traces of my insomnia to disappear within a matter of weeks. 

It turned my world upside down. In truly amazing ways! I continued to carry out research on this new discovery, leaving me with an unparalleled understanding of the psychology of insomnia...

I uncovered the secret to beating insomnia…no medication needed!

A Simple, Powerful Change in Your Approach to Sleep
A Revolutionary Audio Training Program for Deep, Restful Sleep.
Learn to eliminate negative thoughts, fears, & stresses that keep you from falling asleep.
Fall asleep in minutes, overcome early rising, & sleep through the night--wake up rejuvenated & in control!
Rediscover the joy of deep, restful sleep without pills, potions, or external sleep aids.

Discover everything you need to know in a 5-lesson audio program you can listen to on any device, anywhere you like. 

Come to understand your insomnia and discover specific actions needed to end it. 

Sleep For Life speaks to you on a deep level, changing the way you think and feel about sleep.  The result?  A transformation that is powerful, life altering, and long- lasting.  

And It's Easy!  Just press play and we'll go on a life-changing journey! Throughout the 5 lessons, you’ll re-discover your own inborn ability to sleep normally and naturally. You'll finally get the sleep you deserve and start to enjoy life again. And you’ll begin to see results fast! You’ll get triggers to help your falling asleep instinct so that it works perfectly every night.

Just Sit Back…Listen…And Sleep Better Than Ever!
Sleep for Life has helped thousands of chronic insomniacs make a full, permanent recovery from long-term sleep problems.

"Sleep For Life has changed my life. NOTHING else worked. I felt like Sasha was telling my story in the program. And now I'm able to get my life back!"

-Ellen Brunacci, Minneapolis   

"I finally plucked up the courage to start a family. I couldn’t have done that without you."

- Maria Mason, Denver CO
"Thank you Sasha, I always felt like something was wrong.  Now I know it was the meds!"

- A.J Smith, Boston MA
"Thank you, Sasha, for all you have done for my sleep and my family. I showed my doctor your program and he’s now giving it to all his sleep patients! 

- Carrie Stokes, Liverpool UK 

Stream or download* Sleep For Life today, and I will teach you everything you need to know about your insomnia and how to put it behind you for the rest of your life.  You will learn:
  • You Are Not Alone 
  • Why Did This Happen To You? 
  • How to Fix It 
  • The Twelve Promises 
  • How to really Sleep For Life! 

Click below to listen to a sample:

The 5-Part, Breakthrough Program On Curing Insomnia

I also created a series of 5 Safety Blanket recordings especially for those bad times when you might be panicking or feeling low. Each recording provides comfort with just the right words and advice when you need it the most.

BONUS #1, The Amazing 
'Safety Blanket' Recordings
BONUS #2, A Full Set of Brain-Soothing Sleep Tools
These recordings are designed to guide your brain into just the right state for great sleep. They include:
     --The Sleep Booster Tool
     --Sasha's Sleep Inducer 
     --Sasha's Fantastic Stress Reliever

(Total value of over $150)
BONUS #3, Six Cutting-Edge
Relaxation Techniques
You’ll find these techniques quite unlike anything you have heard before and they go way beyond the usual breathing or visualization methods. 
BONUS #4, Three Full-Length Peaceful Meditation Tracks
Take a break from the outside world. Just put on your headphones, sit back and let the sounds work their magic.  You will love them as I do! 
BONUS #5, Two Months Of Motivational Emails From Me!
I know how lonely insomnia can be. You don’t have to go through this alone. I’ll keep in regular contact with sleep tips and motivational advice direct to your inbox. 
Get The Breakthrough 
You Need!
Finally understand why 'nothing seems to work', no matter how many remedies and sleep aids you’ve tried. 

You will discover a truly permanent solution to chronic insomnia, even if you have suffered for decades. 

Do you ever catch yourself thinking: 

  • ‘I’m just a bad sleeper’ 
  • ’Sleep aids and pills don’t help me’ 
  • ’I’ll never get better’   
  • ’My sleep mechanism is broken’ 
  • ‘My insomnia is incurable’

The Sleep For Life Program is everything I know about treating insomnia delivered in a precise set of lessons.
It's The Easiest, Most Powerful and Effective Sleep Training Course Ever Created! 
✔ I’ll teach you one simple rule that will instantly improve your sleep. 

✔ You’ll learn the secret most doctors won't tell you about why sleeping pills can make insomnia worse. 

✔ Learn the astonishing and unexpected ways in which you may be sabotaging your own recovery with everyday talk and activities 

✔ Hear a new and surprising take on sleep restriction therapy, which explains why it may not have worked for you 

Learn the life-changing skills you need to beat insomnia for good!

This is not a quick-fix designed to help you for a few nights but then stop working.  I’m not offering a magic potion or spell. I’m offering you something better – I’m offering the chance to learn how to sleep again.  

Leave the Fear of Bedtime Behind… And Wake Up Fresh Every Day!

You Will Discover:
  • How you got insomnia in the first place
  • How to deal with obsessive thoughts so you can fall asleep easily
  • How to overcome the fear of not sleeping that keeps you awake
  • How to put an end to early waking so you can get the rest you need
  • How to deepen the quality of your sleep and feel more energized than ever before!
  • How to become really great sleeper every single night for the rest of your life!
  • Kick the sleeping pills permanently and live a more balanced life
  • Completely obliterate your insomnia and improve your overall health
  • Sleep through the night, perhaps for the first time in years
  • Fall asleep within seconds or minutes of getting into bed
  • You may end up sleeping better that you have ever done before!
  • You will feel empowered, optimistic, and more in control of your soon-to-be wonderful life!
So You Can Finally:
Try it Risk-Free for 30 Days!
Not sure if it’s for you? No problem. You can try Sleep for Life completely risk free for 30 days. Great sleep is GUARANTEED, and there are no additional fees.

So you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to like Sleep For Life, or wonder whether it’s going to work for you.

If you're not happy with the Sleep For Life for any reason, cancel your order within 30 days and we will refund 100% of your purchase price,  no questions asked.
I receive daily letters of thanks from people all over the world from those who have beaten their problem using my methods. There's no one quite so overjoyed as a person who has just had a great night’s sleep after months or years of missing it! It is a wonderful feeling to know that the Sleep For Life Program is making such a difference to so many lives.

YES! I Want To Sleep For Life, Naturally...
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Still not sure if it'll work for you? Don't worry—Sleep For Life comes with a no-risk 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Listen to the entire program, use the free bonuses and gifts, and see for yourself how amazing this program really is. You will soon be sleeping better than you have in years. If you're not 100% delighted with this program—AND feeling more rested and alert—we will give you a full refund of your purchase price. What do you have to lose? It's totally guaranteed!