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Sleep For Life Testimonials
The ability to sleep soundly, naturally and unaided is the desire of every insomniac. This audio program will guide you to rediscovering your innate ability to sleep without pills, potions or external sleep aids. When The Sleep for Life program is followed properly, the results can be incredible. Many people report sleeping better than ever.

Just listen to what people are saying:

"I showed my doctor your program and he’s now giving it to all his sleep patients!" - A.J Smith, Boston MA

"I finally plucked up the courage to start a family. I couldn’t have done that without you." - Maria Mason, Denver CO

"Thank you, Sasha, for all you have done for my sleep and my family." - Carrie Stokes, Liverpool, UK

"I’m just amazed. The sleep maintenance insomnia is GONE!"

"Insomnia? What insomnia?"

But there is one phrase that Sasha hears above all other.
"Thank you for giving me my life back."

Writes Joel Appel from Denver...
I struggled with sleep for 10-15 years. I had some trouble falling asleep but mostly I spent years waking up every night at 2 AM. It would then take me several hours to fall back to sleep, provided I was lucky enough to do so. Often I was simply ‘up' after 3-4 hours of sleep. I felt tired and depressed most of the time. I always had a cold. I would avoid evening events that were scheduled to run past 9 PM whenever possible, and I would never schedule early morning meetings. Sleeping pills and an occasional glass of wine were my nightly refuges. Finally I was fed up and I decided to 'scour the earth' for something that would ‘fix’ me, if that was even possible. I discovered Sasha’s work online and it was a revelation. Forty-eight hours into the program I began sleeping several additional hours every night AND I was no longer worried about my ability to sleep. That lack of worry, thanks to Sasha’s insights, certainly solved half the problem. Today I sleep fine, I NEVER take sleeping meds, and I’m a different person with my wife, kids, at work, and with friends. Thank you Sasha!!!!